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Srarnu (SuperAdmin) 12/9/2009 3:08 AM EST : Shaman Cudgel Quests

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By Cradossk

Hail Hierophant Oxyn in the Shaman Guild. He will ask you about completing tasks for him. Ask him further and he will hand you a Component Mortar and asks you to fill it with two Small Mosquito Wings, one Bone Chips, and foraged Mud Crabs. The wings can be found easily in the area close to Cabilis in the swamp zone. The Bone Chips drop from any skelly, fight in The Field of Bone to get one at that level. The mud crabs are a very rare forage in The Lake of Ill Omen. You don't have to be actually at the lake itself, just in the zone. I have foraged these in all kinds of locations. Be careful when you get mud crabs because if you have no food you will eat your mud crabs like a hungry Iksar would. Combine the items in the mortar and hand in the new mortar. You get some xp, faction and a few copper, along with some Cursed Wafers. At this point you will learn of the Scaled Mystic Armour quests and be directed to them. This is not necessary to complete for either the armour or cudgel upgrades but can be fun to do as a newbie.

Iron Cudgel of the Clairvoyant

By Cradossk
This is the first of the series of Cudgel Upgrade Quests. These quests can provide you with a half-decent weapon at low levels and some adventure. The eventual reward is an excellent item.

The First Quest is triggered after you complete the Mud Crabs quest or by asking Hierophant Oxyn, "What Lost Skulls."

He tells you, "You must have heard of the Trilac Brotherhoods disappearance. They are the skulls of three soon to be ancients. They were taken from this temple by a silent intruder. Crusaders are always on duty. I do not know how they got into our vault. Every petitioner is ordered to search for the three skulls and return them to me along with their Petitioner Cudgel and then they shall become Clairvoyants."

This quest can be done at around lvl 6 as you'll need gate to get out easily. There are actually 2 ways to get to the spot where the Iksar Outcasts spawn. This is the way I did it. You can apparently swim to it from the Canals in East Cabilis also.


Go in the East tower of the Shaman guild into the basement. You get up there by walking through the curtains down there. If you cruise around down there you should see a large pit with a drop for about 100 damage so be full health when you do this and sneak as close to the edge as possible before dropping. Once down heal up and head to the back end of the cave down there. Push along the wall and you will find a a secret wall. It pops you into a room with 2 low level mobs (scorps, wolfs, skelly's, mosquito's) that spawn on opposite sides of the room. In this room keep those spawns clear. They spawn every 30 seconds or so so keep killing. You can make some good money down there but the exp is a joke at this level. Eventually an Iksar outcast will spawn. Kill him and he drops one of the 3 lost skulls. You need to have 3 different ones, they are all named - Waz Skull, Logrin, and Morgl. Keep it up till you get 3, then gate out. There is a way to walk out but trust me it's much safer gating. Hand in these 3 skulls with your Cudgel to Hierophant Oyxn and he will give you The Iron Cudgel of the Clairvoyant pictured below. To make sure you are in the right room killing the right spawns take a stroll down the hall you should see a small staircase, if you do then the room you were in is the right one.

Iron Cudgel of the Seer

By Cradossk
   The next cudgel upgrade can be quite a fun quest to do as it involves 4 different items and pottery skill. After turning in your skulls and cudgel from the previous quest Hierophant Oxyn again sends you to find more skulls. He says that the skulls of the ancients have been sent away, and offers you the task of retrieving them, but first, to prove yourself, you must retrieve the two skulls of the 'Cleansers of the Outlands.'

   The first skull drops in the Lake in the lake of Ill Omen. It drops off a lvl 10ish MOB called the Stuffed Barracuda. This allows you to put some of your newly aquired spells to use. Go to the South side of the lake by the goblin ruins there. Make sure you have plenty of batwings as you will need levitate to pull this off. Once you are levitating head for the ruins in the lake itself and start working on your spell sense animals. There are many normal barracuda's that will eat you for breakfast here so be very careful not to break the water or lose your levitate around there it's not a fun place to do corpse retrieval. Once you find the stuffed barracuda move forward casting more sense animals till you get a good bead on it. Then break the water (a light source is really helpful here too) and the barracuda should go down quickly as it'll be high green/low blue to you. Once it dies, right click it immediately or your precious skull will sink to the bottom of the lake. That'll get you the Skull with an I.

   The other skull is much more involved. It requires three separate pieces sculpted together with pottery skill. The first item is A Jawless Skull. It drops off the Rogue Shaman who spawns at the first bandit/marauder ruins you come to when zoning into Warslick's Woods from Field of Bone. Bring a partner in his mid teens at least and try to keep the ruins clear. The rogue shaman should spawn within half an hour of clearing there. The next piece is the mandible for the skull. It drops off another Rogue Shaman who spawns around the outside of Kurn's Tower in Field of Bone. He is fairly rare, best bet is to keep all the random Iksar spawns around there clear. The 3rd piece is arguable far too difficult to aquire at the mid-teens level. It's mendglow clay. I'd suggest buying this from a high level druid as it can only be foraged from the Burning Woods, a 45plus zone. To reach Burning Woods zone to the Frontier Mountains from The Lake of Ill Omen. Once in FM put levitate on and follow the zone high up to your left. This will take you across the southern edge of the zone till you eventually come to the entrance to Burning Woods which is a tunnel. Zone in and get yourself comfy because you could be there a while. I got mine within half an hour but if you're unlucky it could take much longer. Just keep hitting your forage button everytime it comes up. It's a good time to work on spell skills like Divination or Evocation that you don't raise as often as your others. There are no mobs at the zone so you are safe in the tunnel. Ask around the zone and someone else may have the mendglow clay you need also. Once you get it gate back to Cabilis and begin working on your pottery skill. This is an easy skill to raise and it goes up quickly and cheaply. I'd suggest you get your skill up to about 50 before attempting to make the 2nd skull. Failing on your attempt will make your scales melt! Combine the jawless skull, the mandible, and the mendglow clay (DO NOT ADD WATER) and hit combine on the pottery wheel. You will have a new item - Skull with an II.

   Now turn in your 2 skulls and your cudgel into Hierophant Oxyn and he will reward you with Iron Cudgel of the Seer. This quest can be quite an adventure and takes you to many zones a young Iksar will be getting his first glimpse of. The weapon is fairly decent for it's level range too.

Iron Cudgel of the Mystic

By Cradossk

   This quest is only worth doing if you are seriously into questing in Everquest. The reward is poor and the time required is great. This is the point when most Shaman stop their questing. If you think you have the dedication read on.

   When you finish the previous quest, Hierophant Oxyn says, 'We are in your debt. You are truly one who shall collect all the lost ancient skulls. Take your weapon. Go to Hierophant Zand and he shall guide you further. Tell Hierophant Zand "I am the chosen savior" and he closes his eyes and bows before you. "I am honored to meet the one who shall pledge his life to the return of the Skulls of the Ancients. However, I must see proof of our prowess as of yet. Go to the outlands and retrieve one Froglok Hexdoll, and no, they are not found on Frogloks. They are shaman dolls made by the goblin tribe."

   This doll is found in Warslick's Wood. Zone in from West Cabilis and head immediately to your left. Once you get off the pavement you will come to a semi-open area with lots of low level mobs. Keep killing everything there and eventually you will see a Goblin Hextracer spawn. He's an easy kill at this level and will drop the Froglok Hexdoll you need. Return the doll to Hierophant Zand and he gives you a note to give to Crusader Quarg.

   Crusader Quarg is found on the top level of one of the buildings in the Cabilis area of the Field of Bone. Hand him the note and he gives you a six slot container and tells you to go to the Tower of Kurn and bring him the Skulls of the Caste of Bone Bretheren, a caste of powerful shamans who perished fighting undead in the Field of Bone several decades ago. You are to get the skulls of the 5 Caste members along with the Skull of the Leader.

   All these skulls drop off the Undead Crusader. They are called Iksar Skull with an X. You need 1 lore skull (The Leader) and 5 non-lore skulls. The Undead Crusader is an ultra rare mob. I camped him for about 15 hours to get one skull though admittedly not in one sitting. He spawns in 2 locations. One is the stairs that lead to the dining room at the top of Kurn's, the other is the also near the top on the stairs leading up to the Barracks. The only way to get him to spawn is to continually kill every skeleton up there till he eventually pops. He is about lvl 14 so not as difficult as the Greater Scalebones you will be killing to get him to spawn. He also drops a FS Morning Star with the Skull which is ironically a better weapon in damage/delay ration than the reward for this quest. They can be sold for around 10pp so combine that with all the bone chips you'll collect and you can make some money on this one.

   This Quest is maddening in how poorly it was thought out. After repeatedly trying to get a response from Verant on this one I did receive a short word from Gordon at one point saying it would be looked into. I have heard that GM Aradiel has upped the spawn time of the Crusader and I pray for my brethren that this is the case. Regardless, dmg/dly ratio of your new weapon (shown below) is not usuable by the time you'd aquire it. My advice on this one is to make a button with /auction wtb Iksar Skull with an X. This is the only way I completed this one eventually buying them up for 40pp per just to say I did it heh heh. I'm sure they can be purchased easily for 5pp though.

   Once you have the one lore and five non-lore skulls with an X put them in the box Crusader Quarg gave you. It will change into a C.O.B.B. box. Hand that into Crusader Quarg along with your cudgel and you will receive Iron Cudgel of the Mystic.

Iron Cudgel of the Prophet

By Cradossk
   So you're still questing huh? Well Kudos for making it through the last quest, your an elite Iksar Shaman now. This quest wil restore you faith in Verant a bit anyway it's much, much easier than the previous one.

   After completing the last quest Crusader Quarg smiles and says... "The temple shall be pleased. You have done so well that I must ask you to [collect the Crusaders of Rok Nilok]. Take this chest. Inside you shall combine the skull of their leader and at least five of the caste members. You then will go to the Swamp Garrison and deliver the full chest and your Iron Cudgel of the Mystic to Mystic Dovan. Go to him now and inquire of the Crusaders of Rok Nilok." Mystic Dovan spawns at night time in the Swamp of No Hope zone in the Cabilis merchants buildings. He's on the top floor of one of them. When you ask him, the response is: "Mystic Dovan lowers his head in sorrow let us have a moment of peace. I cannot find the words to speak of the unspeakable act of the gods which took the lives of the legendary Crusaders of Rok Nilok. You must find the answers for yourself. All I can do is wait for their return." Geez thanks for the lack of clues Dovan heh heh.

   The actual legend of Rok Nilok says that he and his followers were shrunk down by a magical rain and that Nilok's head burns red. Well not a lot of points for originality here, it's just like the last quest. You need 6 skulls - one lore and five non-lore. The skulls are much easier to aquire however. They drop off of Goblin Bloodtracers in Warslick's Woods and are called tiny glowing skulls. By the time you finish the previous quest I'm sure you will already have put some of these miserable creatures to their deaths. They spawn all over the place in Warslick's and always drop a skull. If you want to purposely hunt them the best place I know of is the first goblin ruins you come to when you take the right fork out of Cabilis or if you are lvl 40 or so just go to the Goblin Fort in the Northern part of the zone and kill there, the bloodtracers are pretty common up there and there is a chance of some drops like Iksar Scaled gloves from Grachnist.

   Combine the one lore and five non-lore skulls in the box Mystic Dovan gives you and return it to him. His reward is the Iron Cudgel of the Prophet, another useless weapon at the level obtained but hey you're doing these for the pride of Cabilis Shaman everywhere remember.

Iron Cudgel of the Channeler

By Cradossk

After you complete the last quest Mystic Dovan replies, "Mystic Dovan his voice booms loud and does not sound the same as before. You have brought the skulls back to the empire. For this you shall be rewarded. You are now a prophet of the Temple of Terror. Go and find the Skulls of Die Nozok. I shall wait within Zand. Bring them along with your Iron Cudgel of the Prophet."

When he say's he will wait within Zand it is assumed that the skulls and cudgel to complete this one will be handed in to Hierophant Zand. When his voice booms loud and does not sound the same as before it is assumed he is Dai Or Die Nozok speaking through Mystic Dovan.

The Iksar Skull Helm which drops off the Iksar Adherant in the Sarnak Fortress has been identified at Skull of Die NoZok. It's a common drop off of them and they are about lvl 22.

The Skull of Dai Nozok is a much trickier one to get. It involves a bit of a side quest. First you must go to the Iksar Camp in the Swamp of No Hope. This is the same spot that Shadow Knights go for their pages so if you have a friend working on that quest you should hook up. You are after the Froglok Ton Warriors who spawn near there. They drop 3 Broken Totem Pieces and one complete Ton Warrior Totem. You need the three totem pieces which will identify as the Top, Bottom and Middle of the Dai Key to make the second Ton Warrior Totem. They are lore so keep grabbing em till you have 3 of em. It took me about 3 hours to get all of them and by that point I had 7 Pages for the SK khukri quest heh heh. Then it's off to the Burning Woods for some Mendglow Clay. Remember this great substance from the 2nd Cudgel Upgrade. At least now you will be high enough level to travel to Burning Woods without dying. Once there I'd start auctioning for Mendglow clay while you forage. Otherwise it could take a while. Most druids will just let you have it. Combine the 3 pieces of the Dai Totem with the Mendglow clay and voila you will make the 2nd Ton Warrior Totem or Key of Dai as it identifies as.

The Next component is a tricky one. It is from The Mines of Nurga. The Mines are a seldom fought in place unfortunately but it also means the camp you need will likely be all yours. I soloed the camp at lvl 40 but anything less I'd get some friends. It would be good exp for a group in their low to mid 30's. None of the Goblins in Nurga see invisible so invis yourself and head past the front guards. Once in nurga head to the right up a small waterfall. You want to get yourself to the room at -1500, -550. Here you will find 2 sets of mobs on each side of the room by some tents. Keep everything in that room dead and eventually Overseer Dlubbish will pop. He is a mid 30's mob who will drop a Skull Canopic. This is the last item on your quest.

Next you take your items 1) Skull Canopic 2)Ton Warrior Totem (Key of Dai#1) 3)Ton Warrior Totem (Key of Dai#2) to Overthere. Inside the town of Overthere you will find an Iksar named Galdon Vok Nir. If you swim out around the wall and stop at the beach where you wait for the boat to Timorous Deep just hug the inside part of the wall. You shouldn't encounter anything along the wall. He is about 200 feet up the wall and not KOS or anything. He is the one looking for these items. Hand him the items along with 400 gp (40pp has been reported to work also). He will hand you the much sought after Skull of Dai Nozok. I couldn't get him to talk when I did it but they may have fixed the dialogue so that he requests these. Regardless the talking isn't required.

Return to Zand and hand in the 2 skulls with your Cudgel of the Prophet for:

This is our first Cudgel that has some impressive stats on it. I would definitely use this one in my low 20s even a litle higher for pride's sake.

Iron Cudgel of the Hierophant

By Cradossk

After you complete the last quest for you Cudgel of the Channeler (and many congrats by the way you are an elite Iksar Shaman by now) you speak to Hierophant Dexl, the other Hierophant. This is the conversation.

You say, 'Hail Hierophant Dexl'

Hierophant Dexl seems to be preocupied. He is examining an egg. 'What?!! Who has [sent] you to me? Bah!! Away with you.' He ignores you and continues chanting.

You say, 'Di Nozok sent me'

Hierophant Dexl drops the egg he was holding. Egg yolk splatters on your foot. His eyes roll back into his head. He speaks, but his voice is that of a female. 'I await you, Cradossk . My sisters and I yearn for the return of our skulls. We are the [Sisters of Scale]. Find us and bring to this hierophant our skulls and your iron cudgel of the Channeler. Go.'

You say, 'Who are the Sisters of Scale'

Hierophant Dexl wipes egg yolk from his clothing. 'My, what a mess!! Hmmph!! What did you say? Sisters of Scale? They were a legendary trio of mystics. We once had their skulls sealed within this temple, but now they are lost. I sent a channeler to retrieve them. His name was Vagnar. I am sure he shall find them.'

You say, 'who is vagnar'

Hierophant Dexl says 'He's a capable channeler, I trust he knows where to look and will prepare himself. Any competent servant of our Lord would prepare potions and supplies before going on such a quest. If he doesn't come back, it's no great loss, he wasn't Hierophant material anyway

This is as far as Dexl goes. The next set of clues was found on the Herb Vendor Island in West Cabilis. The dialogue goes like this.

You say, 'Who what where is Vagnar'

Jaxxtz says 'Vagnar? I don't recall.....Unless Vagnar was that shaman supposedly on some quest to save our entire race from total destruction..someone always on one of those. He bought some charms to ward of [Dragon kin]. He's most likely in the belly of some beast now.

You say, 'What Dragon kin'

Jaxxtz says 'Yes he said he needed to steal secrets from the hated Sarnaks to aid him in his true quest. He said the sarnak know ways to cleanse the mind from intrussion, he would say no more.

There is an Alchemy potion recipe that drops off Sarnak Adherants in the Sarnak Fort in Ill Omen. This ties directly into the text given by Jaxxtz the herb merchant. The recipe is written in Lizardman and when read show's this

From Opal Slush and Dristilate shall come Xinth. From Sarnak Nightdust, Gorge Moss, and Sponge Mushroom shall come Opal Slush. From Firiona Drixie Dust, Stoneleer Emerald plume, and Slate Chant Rock shall come Dristilate.

Sarnak Nightdust    Sarnak Partisans in Frontier Mountains, try +2000, -1800. Called Pouch of Dust.. Partisans in Overthere do not drop it..
Gorge Moss    Foraged in Gorge of King Xorbb.
Sponge Mushroom    Foraged in Mines of Nurga.

Firiona Drixie Dust From Drixie's in Firona Vie.
Stoneleer Emerald Plume Found on Cockatrice's in Overthere.
Slate Chant Rock Found on Goblin Rockchanters in Mines of Nurga. Has a tan colour to it.

Once made the potions will be called "A Potion of Swirling Mists." It is not a drinkable potion, only a potion in name. It is trivial to make with alchemy at around 40.

At this point you will need to head into the Crypt of Dalnir. On the second floor there is a spawn called the Coerced Channeler. He mumbles to himself and if killed screams about a river of Xinth. Give the Coerced Channeler the Potion of Xinth. He despawns and is replaced by our Friend Vagnar the Channeler. Vagnar gives you the first of the skulls of the sisters of scale and immediately becomes KOS and runs off screaming "Go to where the pines have been smashed. Must reach great heights!"

If you go to the Burning Woods outside the Sarnak Fort/Chardok there you will see 2 guard towers. The top of the East Guard Tower is reachable. You must go back 150 feet from the gate on the zone wall. There is a spot there where you can climb high enough to be above the roof of the guard tower. Fire up levitate and scale of the wolf or spirit of cheetah. Then run straight at the tower, preferably in windowed mode. You should run right in. Inside you will meet an NPC named Atheling Plague.

He tells you,' Ahh!! A conversationalist. How good to meet you, Cradossk. Yes. I have heard of you. Go ahead and ask for that which has brought you to my tower and emboldened you to slay my weaker minions.'

Say to him "Give me the skull of the sisters of scale"

He replies, "'What a coincidence! I, too, seek a skull. Perhaps you might help me [obtain the skull]. Perhaps then you shall have the skull you desire.'

You say, 'I will help you obtain the skull'

Atheling Plague says 'I am sure you would not mind removing the head of a scaled mystic. I hope not. There is an old Iksar who once called me slave. Now he shall adorn my wall, mounted on a fine plaque. His name is Digalis. Find him. Do not return until your task is complete

In the Temple of Droga in the Jail there you can find the room which spawns Iksar Prisoners. One of the Spawns is an Iksar Slave. There are 2 that look identical but say different things when hailed. You want the one that when hailed gives you this - an iksar slave peers up at you. His face is covered with grime and he shows scars from goblin whips. He shakes his head and goes back to his thoughts. If you ask him his name he tells you he is Digalis. This is a weird part of the quest in that you must kill him here to get your skull. You do take negative faction with Scaled Mystics which doesn't make a lot of sense. He's an easy enough kill.

Return to Atheling and hand him in your skull of Digalis. It shows as Iksar Skull LORE NO DROP. After handing it in you get this:

Atheling Plague tosses the skull over the edge of the tower. 'Excellent. You show signs of a true Iksar slayer. Too, bad I have already given the skull of the Sister of Scale to another. Perhaps you would like to meet him before he departs. Say hello, Doval.'

Atheling then spawns Clerk Doval who resides in Cabilis. Doval is a Traitor and friend of the Sarnaks it seems. You get time to get a pet out and prepare to do battle. He is no particularily tough but he is healed by Atheling. Atheling doesn't join in the fight though. Once you've killed him he says this:

Clerk Doval says 'All Iksar residents.. shall learn.. of my demise. Ungghh!!

Loot the 2nd skull from his corpse.

The 3rd skull info was discovered before the 2nd one was completed, it is probable that asking about Clerk Doval could produce results leading to Klok Poklon. By asking Klok Poklon, in the "Upstairs Bar" near the shaman guild , "Who are the Sisters of Scale"...
He responded "Hmm, yes, the Babble around here is that one of the Klok's in the Lake Garrison has one of the Sister's of Scale Skull up for Auction. The Temple will bury him when they hear of it!

Asking around the vendors in Lake of Ill Omen yielded this:

Klok Sargin says 'Looking for the skull I had for sale? I am afraid I sold it to a staunch lizard champion. I would gladly give you his name if you would do me a [slight favor].
You say, 'what slight favor'
Klok Sargin says 'The lake garrison has requested that I work on a helm similar to the ones worn by sarnak dragoons. The problem is.. I need one to examine. You go get me one and I will tell you who purchased the skull.

The Helm is dropped by Sarnak Dragoons in the Sarnak Fort in Lake of Ill Omen. The Helm is NO RENT so run straight back to the garrison and Klok Sargin. Hand him the Helm and you get this:

Klok Sargin appears a little shaken. He has a few bruises on his face. 'Uhh. Thanks. I sort of told the lizard who bought the skull that you were asking for him, and, well, he was kinda mad, and... Cradossk , meet Bruiser"

He Spawns an Iksar Warrior named Bruiser who says this:

Bruiser Noz is a battle-scarred lizard with arms the size of tree trunks. He approaches and speaks. You feel the lager-tinged breeze blast your skin. 'Stay out of this, Klok !! I didn't spend 30 seasons in the legion to be pestered by the likes of you!! Here I am, you little croak!! You want my skull? Come and get it!!'
Klok Sargin shakes with fear. A dark stain begins to spread across the front of his trousers. 'Ye.. Ye.. Yes.. Yes, Bruiser.'
Bruiser Noz says 'Ha!! Who dares to take what is Bruiser's!! I will make swamp mush out of them!!

Bruiser gives you time to get a pet out etc. He's an easy kill at lvl 51 I'd say he's at most lvl 28 probably less. Kill him and you loot the 3rd Skull. Take this skull with your 2 other ones and the Cudgel of the Channeler back to Cabilis and down to Hierophant Dexl. Hand all 3 to him and you get this message:

Hierophant Dexl goes into a trance and speaks with the voice of an ancient. 'You have returned the skulls of the Sisters of Scale. For this you shall be rewarded. Take this hierophant's weapon. May you use it to smite the foes of our people.' Dexl comes out of the trance. 'What?!! Whew. Hey!! Where is my cudgel?'

The reward for this quest is :

Skyiron Cudgel of the Arisen

By Cradossk
At long last this line of Cudgel quests has been continued as of the Patch March 7, 2002. Rejoice fellow Scaled Mystics!


You will notice an NPC on the Bridge in East Cabilis named Hierophant Granix. He is as Shaman Trainer and when hailed says, " 'Leave me in peace Cradossk, I have little desire for company now. The Faceless sends visions to me that may hold the fate of our race in sway. '


You ask him, "What Visions?" and he replies, "'The spirits tell me of strange happenings around the ancient city of Charasis. None of the mystics that have been sent to investigate have returned. Something is surely happening in the ancient tombs of that city. I pray to our lord for some way to calm the tortured spirits of our fallen brothers that haunt the Howling Stones. "


You must now gather a force strong enough to fight in the South Wing of Charasis or Howling Stones as it is known. If you aren't aware Charasis is a dungeon in Overthere that requires a key to enter. The dungeon requires a solid group of 50's to go very deep in. Kill random mobs until you have aquired one dusty skull and 4 glowing skulls.


Return the Dusty skull to Hierophant Granix and you recieve this message, "Hierophant Granix peers at the skull intently. 'There is strange magic in this skull Cradossk, what ever necromancer animated this skeleton was a powerful warlock indeed. I sense the power of several ancients in this relic. Take this skull to Oracle Qulin in the field of bone, he may be able to perform the ritual which will free this ancient's spirit from the mortal realm. "


You will find an NPC by the shore in Field of Bone named Oracle Qulin. Give him the skull.


Oracle Qulin runs his scaled fingers slowly over the cracked, brittle skull. 'Granix did well to send you to me, I may yet be able to recover the spirit of this ancient and set it free. Come! I shall need your help with this ritual. '
Oracle Qulin dips the skull in the crystal waters. He lifts the skull over his head and stands completely still, allowing the water to drip down off the skull down over his body and finally on to the parched sand. '
Oracle Qulin begins to chant. Quietly at first but then louder and faster. He speaks a language you only vaguely recognize. It is the voice and language of the ancient oracles. His voice booms out over the water filling your mind with images of the ancient Sebilsian empire and the great Iksar rulers of old. '
Oracle Qulin 's voice stops suddenly, leaving the air completely silent. Even the waves seem to have stopped for a moment. You begin to move toward him, but he raises a hand toward you motioning for you to stay still. '
Oracle Qulin says 'Suddenly without warning the skull flies from Quilin's hands and flies into the murky waters. It stays submerged for a moment and then flies toward you, but this time an entire corpse is attached to it.


This spawns an Arisen Iksar who you must kill. He is approximately lvl 50 so you will want a few friends for this depending on your level. Once killed he drops Wet Skull Fragments. Give those to Oracle Qulin


Oracle Qulin says 'It seems this particular ancient does not wish to be put to rest. Return this note to Hierophant Granix and tell him what happened. He will surely wish this skull to be disposed of properly, but I do not have the power to do it myself. '


You return the note to Hierophant Granix. Hierophant Granix says "It is as I feared, the mark of the warlock has surely driven these ancient spirits mad. We can not allow these spirits to roam free in our world Cradossk. Take this case and place the glowing skulls of other ancients inside of it. Return it to me with your Cudgel of the Heirophant so that we may remove these cursed spirits from our world forcefully. "


He gives you an Ornate Skull Case which is a 4 slot combinable container. Put the 4 Glowing Skulls from Charasis in this container and combine them. Then hand in this combined container and your Iron Cudgel of the Heirophant and you receive:

Skyiron Cudgel of the Ancients

By Cradossk

After handing in your Hierophant Cudgel and Skull box to Granix he gives you your 7th Cudgel and says,"'You have done well Cradossk. Perhaps you can help clear these troubling dreams from my tired aging mind. Commune with the spirits of our Ancestors and learn from them. Never forget that the ultimate power comes from knowledge. The ancients are privy to much knowledge that mortals will never see. Should you be granted enlightenment from our ancestors, share your knowledge with me so that we may use this knowledge for the benefit of our brethren. I will continue to study the [dreams] that [cloud] my mind. "


When you ask him "What dreams cloud your mind?" he replies, "I see much darkness...darkness and death. A void of life...the cold grip of death. An Ancient pact...with forces too terrible to describe...A great Leader...a fall, and a second coming. I see...a symbol ancient city...Kaesora. I would begin there young Mystic. The spirits of that fallen city may hold a key to our future. "


Go to the ruins outside Kaesora and you will see a new Shaman NPC there, Oracle Vauris. Hail him and he motions for silence. He points at the shifting sands below him without a word.


Go to Kaesora and Kill Xalgoz. He spawns every 20 minutes or so in the Church there and is approximately lvl 48 or so. He's an easy kill for a couple lvl 50 plus. He drops a Shrunken Iksar Skull Necklace. Loot that and give it to Oracle Vauris.


Oracle Vauris takes the necklace from you without a word. He looks into your eyes for a moment. He seems to be searching for something. Apparnetly he finds whatever he was looking for as he pulls an empty bag from his belt. He takes th enecklace and snaps the cord wit his teeth allowing the skulls to fall into the bag. he looks you square in the eyes again and motions for you to put out yoru hand. You do so and almost immediately regret it. Vauris takes the knife from his belt and slices open your forearm allowing your blood to fall into the bag. He uses the cord to tie the bag and hands it back to you. "You now share the mark of Rile, Cradossk. Your fates are intertwined." He then gives you a Bag of Iksar Skull Dust


Ask him, "What Rile?" and he replies, "Have you learned nothing in all your years of service to the hall of Terror? The skulls on that necklace were the bones of the traitorous Iksar who defiled Rile's Relics. Their final moments were spent in Charasis, destroyed by their own dark magics. Rile was the son of the most powerful and terrible [emperor] the Iksar have ever known. Not since the days of Ssrae... 'His voice trails off and his eyes glaze over a bit. You sense that Vauris has been touched by some unmentionable terror. '


If you ask him about Xalgoz, he replies, " 'At last you see Cradossk. The one you speak of is indeed a servant of Rile's father. His presence on this world has disrupted the spirits of the ancients. This disruption must be put to an end. Slaying him will do little good unfortunately. We will have to make use of other powers to truly banish him from this world. If we are to do this we shall need a true relic of Rile, and the soul of his father. Only with these items can we hope to free Rile's soul from the void between death and life. But first there are others that serve the risen emperor that must be destroyed. "


Ask him "what others?" and he says, "The servants of the emperor wear many faces. One in particular is know to wear several himself. Of Serpents and Iksar is his current incarnation, a twisted vision of a dark union. Bring me his essence, for I will need a vessel to siphon the emperor's soul into. Bring me these 3 items along with the pouch of bone dust and we shall see what fate the ancients have chosen for us. '


The Changeling Essense drops from a Named Goblin in the Frontier Mountains by the name of Thuuga Dengibl. He is about lvl 50 in strength and can be found on top of a rock near the Lake of Ill Omen Zone at -2100, -2400


Next you must kill a Named Froglok in the Froglok Village in the Swamp by the name of Kaggy Krup. He is of about the same level as Thuuga is. 3 or 4 50 plus can take him. He is actually up in one of the buildings in the western part of the village. He drops 'Glowing Kunzar Amulet'


The 4th item you need is dropped by Venril Sathir in Karnor's Castle. There are two versions of Venril. One is much tougher than the other. Both drop the Blackened Iksar Bones which you need. These can be master quested so this may be a good way to get the item if you can't easily field a group to take down Venril.


Give Vauris the Changling Essence, Bag of Bone Dust, Glowing Kunzar Amulet, and the Blackened Iksar Bones. Oracle Vauris says 'You have done well Skek. Now it is time for the true test of your clairvoyance. Only a true Scaled mystic will be able to put these spirits to rest. Be warned, these souls will not go quietly into the next world. They have strong ties to this land, and it is these ties we must break. Take them to the City of the Kunzar, the birthplace of the emperor. Only there will you be able to tear asunder the dark rituals that have twisted the souls of our ancient heroes. I will await you in that place Cradossk. " He gives you Iksar Relics NO DROP, LORE.


You now need to head into Charasis again with a decent force. At least a single group of 55 plus from all accounts. In teh South Wing you will find An Iksar Apparition. Give him the Iksar Relics. He immediately turns into Venril Sathir and 4 other mobs - an Arisen Disciple, Priest, Necromancer and Acolyte - aggro you. This battle can be fierce but this version of Venril is not the same as the one in KC thankfully. Venril Sathir drops a Skull of Rile. After you kill these mobs an amiable mob, the Spirit of Rile appears. Give him your Skyiron Cudgel of the Arisen and the Skull of Rile and you get the following message.


The spirit of Rile says 'Use your cudgel to unite my soul with my body Cradossk '
The spirit of Rile begins to shudder and shake, the bones fly from your hands to meet their rightful soul. The spirit and bones being to glow and meld into one another, forming a swirling mass of ethereal energy. Abani begins to mouth incantations in an unfamiliar tongue. Their voice rises ever higher as mystic energy surges through the room. Then, in a suddenly flash, the spirit and corpse disappear without a trace, leaving only Cradossk holding a Faintly glowing Cudgel in his hand.

Scaled Mystic Armour

By Cradossk
   This armour was introduced to the game in the patch on Nov 15th, 2000. This is the equivalent of the totemic armour quests for the other races of Shaman but for the Iksar. The look is a darker green version of Cabilis Scale. The quests are initially triggered after completing the mud crab quest. Hierophant Oxyn tells you to seek the Furscales. They are located on the top floor of one of the buildings to the East of the Shaman Guild. Hail them and tell them "Oxyn sent me."
   Shezlie and Zazlan Furscale both tell you they need to get something for them for payment. Tell Shezlie "I will collect some more bundles" and she tells you of the armor she will give and the components for it. Tell Zazlan "I will collect rare supplies" he tells you of his armor. The specific armour pieces and what is required to hand in are linked below.



"Free will is the true illusion. It is a clay that can be molded to one's liking and then broken." -Archlord Zumaik

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