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Ten years ago a group of Iksar, led by Cradossk, lived the dream of strength and unity by the Iksar in Kunark.  That dream still lives in the hearts of our members and grows stronger by the day.  Long live Champions of Cabilis!


Old Screenshots

Srarnu, Nov 20, 10 3:28 AM.
Here are 2 more photos courtesy of Chabasrn :)

A Reunion of Sorts

Srarnu, Jul 31, 10 5:07 PM.
Welcome back Keya and Chillie!  It's been a long time...

Sokokar Mount

Srarnu, Mar 17, 10 6:39 PM.

Srarnu's new friend :)

Everquest Live Iksar Quests

Srarnu, Dec 9, 09 3:27 AM.

Added some of the quests from the old Champions of Cabilis site to the forums.  They are copied straight from the old site, so I apologize if some of the writing is really tiny.

Old Pics

Srarnu, Aug 19, 09 10:59 PM.

There's a few old screenshots of Champs hard at work defending Kunark in the gallery.  Some are member profile pics (the old profiles Cradossk made on the old CoC site).

Kristana Gets Innoruuk's Voice - Epic 1.5

Srarnu, Aug 5, 09 4:08 PM.

With the help of a few friends, Kristana was awarded her weapon, Innoruuk's Voice - the pride of all Shadowknights!  Congrats to her and thanks to all the friends who helped - Issk, Falindra, Konni, and Srarnu.


Living Legacy - EQ2

Srarnu, Jun 18, 08 4:50 PM.

Some neat events for the Summer on EQ2!  I understand EQlive is also having a promotion as well.

Here's a link for EQ2's event page.

EQ2 Rise of Kunark

Srarnu, Dec 15, 07 11:52 AM.

We've added some screenshots to the gallery of some of the areas in the new expansion and all I can say is "!"

We haven't yet been able to experience the homelands ourselves but seeing these images and hearing of Mourtal's experiences, it really sets of a lot of emotion and memories of our past.

From what we've read, the Iksar empire is back and strong under Venril Sathir's rule.  He now calls himself a god and forbids anyone in his empire of worshipping Cazic Thule, the old god. 

Please correct me if I am wrong on this!

Open the gallery to see the image tag that explains the area of which the scereenshot is from :D

Champions of Cabilis forever!

Everquest The Anniversary Edition

Srarnu, Jul 3, 07 7:04 PM.

Reminiscing with old Champs made it pretty irresistable to come back.  I was able to get all expansions with the Anniversary Edition for $19 :D

There is a lot of content and new tradeskill stuff to explore but I can see where the grind still exists.  

They provide "hot zones" with quests and augments within those zones for the peeps that get bored fast, ie, me.  I got upgrades for my cleric and enchanter by doing these quests and there are low cost gear upgrades in the Bazaar nowadays.

I haven't played Srarnu yet -- only for tradeskilling right now but like I said, there is so much to do with the 50's toons right now and I am really enjoying the Enchanter class again.

My Cleric worked very hard to get good rep in Cabilis years ago, so she is now a Cleric of Cabilis! 

I miss my Iksar brothers and sisters so much!

CAS Alliance Takes Plane of Sky

ishydrackos, Feb 16, 06 10:54 PM.

Had a fun and productive night in plane of sky.

We got everybody keyed up to the horse island. will be heading back mon
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